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Building Resilient Communities Team

Meet the Team

The new Building Resilient Communities Programme is targeted at supporting the most vulnerable people or communities within Torfaen. The project aim is to facilitate early intervention, provide support and to build resilience of families, children and adults. The programme offers a holistic wraparound provision for the Communities for Work and Communities for Work Plus employability projects.

  • Sadie Jones:

The project will support families to make and sustain positive changes upholding the ethos of Resilient Communities through delivering bespoke interventions to address the barriers which prevent children reaching their potential. Early interventions will be implemented by equipping families with the skills and resilience to manage the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the family environment. Positive behaviour changes will also be promoted to better manage the emotional and financial stability of the family which will in turn, impact on a healthier future adulthood.

Comprehensive support will be developed for families living in a chaotic home environment resulting from the trauma experienced from ACEs.  The Officer will work with families to address and coordinate support available along with service providers, all whilst developing a holistic wrap around provision for dysfunctional families to access in the community.

Engagement within this programme will enable families to progress with the ability to deal with ACEs and also promote positive health and wellbeing which will allow those unemployed to work towards seeking training, volunteering and potential job opportunities.

Support will also be provided to enhance the resilience and independence of families. This will also improve the accessibility of opportunities that are available to families to improve their future outlook, so that they are better equipped to support their children and family more effectively and enhance their employability prospects for both the adults and the children.

  • Kay Marsh:

The project will take a health and wellbeing focused approach to improving long term health conditions in order to build the resilience of individuals to improve their economic and wellbeing situation.

The Physical Wellbeing Resilient Officer will provide information and advice and guidance to individuals and organisations on exercise and physical activity issues, particularly in relation to people with long term health conditions or those requiring additional support to exercise. 

Self-management courses will provide coping mechanisms to manage daily routines preventing crisis situations.   In addition this support also offers group based gym sessions as well as a regular Fibromyalgia support group.

The Officer is able to support individuals to manage their health related conditions with a view to seek employment and volunteering as a progression route.

The project will enable individuals to manage the impact of their long term health conditions in their day to day environment and promote positive behaviour changes to better manage their emotional health and wellbeing.

Ria Gibbs: 

Provides support, advice and guidance to individuals facing challenges, barriers, lack of direction in their lives due to mental health, worklessness background, poor relationships, no confidence or self esteem. Provides opportunities to access the community provisions and projects through a blended approach of empowering and supporting. Signposts to organisations, community groups, projects and support agencies when required. Uses a wrap around style method using the team in a holistic way ensuring a person centred approach is adhered to. Sets goals for achievable outcomes and to meet the outcomes of the project.

The Financial Engagement Officer will work on timely intervention measures to prevent hardship from escalating to crisis point.

The delivery of early interventions will in turn impact on a financially stable and healthier with a more prosperous future.

The Project will work with: individuals and householders on low incomes or benefits can self-refer to the project or be referred by agencies to the project. The project will work within a financial management framework offering budgeting and benefits information, look at priority debts / opportunities to save / changing behaviour and supported to set up payment plans where appropriate.  

The Financial Engagement Officer will offer information on low cost and no cost services and will enable individuals to manage and control of their finances, as well as linking with local charities to assist and support individuals accessing the Financial Inclusion project.

  • Alison Reynolds:
  • Charlotte Michell:

The Counsellor provides a professional and confidential counselling service to individuals on the Building Resilient Communities Programme in order to promote emotional health and well-being and to enable participants to develop a resilience to help them cope with the difficulties they face. Focusing to remove complex barriers in order to build the resilience of individuals which should improve their economic and wellbeing situation, by working seamlessly with key professionals and agencies.

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