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We know that not all participants are ready to go straight into work and may also need some personal support before embarking on more formal training. The project can provide access to the following (as examples):


The 3 Step Programme
  1. Step Up – the initial course which takes participants through basic psychology to work out how the mind works and how positive thinking can enhance your life, help you to gain more income and support your family more positively.
  2. STEPS to Excellence – a patented course copywrited by The Pacific Institute. This is a more in depth course, delivered over approximately 4 days. This course deals with self-development, confidence building and goal setting through examining the impact of negative thinking, psychology such as scotomas and blind spots, and the power of positive thinking and affirmations. This course is the next step to a more positive outlook on life and goal setting towards achieving goals.
  3. Next Steps – the course designed to prepare you for employment. This course looks at positive techniques to write a stand-out CV, complete a job application successfully and how to excel at interview. This is the course designed for those who feel ready for work and who are actively job searching but may not be successful at interview and need some support with the job searching process.

Please note: It is not necessary for all participants to take each step of the 3 Step Programme. For example, not all participants start at step 1. This will be discussed with your allocated Mentor or Adviser.

  • Mindfulness - an integrative, mind-body based approach that helps people to manage their thoughts and feelings and mental health. It is becoming widely used in a range of contexts. The course teaches Mindfulness exercises as ways of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation, breathing, and yoga.
  • Mental Health First Aid – an accredited course that increases the knowledge and confidence of participants to enable them to provide first aid and support for people experiencing a mental health problem. A real asset to any CV for those hoping to go into the care or support sectors of work
  • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training – a course designed to provide participants with the skills and confidence to provide mental health first aid for a person with suicidal thoughts or behaviour. A bespoke course for those thinking of a career in the care or support sector and a great addition to a CV
  • Safeguarding - Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights. It’s fundamental to high-quality health and social care and is about keeping everyone safe and taking care of their wellbeing. Another beneficial course for anyone thinking of working in a relevant sector of employment.

Communities for Work Plus and Communities for Work can offer many bespoke courses for participants, not just the ones outlined here. Please see the poster below for other ideas, or get in touch if there is anything not mentioned that you are interested in.


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