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School Uniform Grant Update


If your child is entering Reception /Year 3 or Year 10 in September 2019 and receives free school meals, they are eligible for the school uniform grant.

Go on line for more information and to complete the form.

You can also call into the Torfaen council offices across the borough for information or give us a call: 

Building Resilient Communities Financial Engagement Team: Samantha Scott 079808215963 ( North Torfaen) Kristian Saunders 07908215985 (South Torfaen).

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Clare Watkins

Clare Watkins

Community Employment Mentor/ Mentor Cyflogaeth Cymunedol

Communities for Work Plus/ Cymunedau ar Gyfer Gwaith a Mwy

Torfaen County Borough Council/ Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Torfaen

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